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In this easy read that’ll have you laughing and learning, I share with you the top-10 Weight Loss Secrets that have led to my own successful 48-pound weight loss that I’ve maintained that took me from a size 14 to rocking size 6 jeans.  They’re also secrets that I usually only share with my private Wellness Coaching clients, but right now I’m going to let you in on them.

Inside you’ll learn:

•  At least 10 things you’re doing to sabotage your weight loss success without even
  realizing it!

• Why most people keep gaining the weight they lose back (and then some), and
          how to break the dreaded yo-yo cycle for good.

•  The best weight loss aid that you’re not using…and should be for dramatic results.

•  How the wrong diet can affect your ability to lose weight—and could even cause
           you to gain weight— for years to come.

•  The truth about willpower.

•  Should you lose weight by cutting calories or just exercising?

•  And much, much more!

Weight Loss Secrets Revealed for the Happiest, Healthiest You!
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                                                        Melanie Jordan
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Your Healthy Life Made Easy!™

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Please discuss with your own health care professionals any changes you would like to make in your diet, to be sure they are right for your personal situation. Also consider consulting with a licensed nutritionist to fine-tune your diet to make sure that you are incorporating your eating choices in a way that it correct for you. Any information provided is not intended to be professional advice.  Links to my book on Amazon are affiliate links which means if you buy my book using them, I'll make a few cents to help defray the cost of pricing thebook so low to the general public.
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"Melanie's book is very well put-together. I love how her thoughts were organized, and she structured the book in an easy to understand fashion. She gave a lot of value, which in turn lets you know that your investment (in yourself) would be well respected.  The bullet points were easy to help you identity 'problem' areas in your life, and correct in appropriate areas.
I highly recommend Melanie Jordan as a weight loss coach!"
--Tyrie W., CT